“Here is where it begins and ends like the proverbial fountain of youth”

Auburn and Cord automobiles without parts and service would just languish in old barns and junk yards. They would be destined to become melted down into raw material to make modern transportation in some foreign country. 


It does not make any difference where the restoration shop is located, no matter how large the reputation, they still come here for parts, services, and research.  We have assisted restorers in the United States and in many parts of the world with Auburns and Cords. Where else can you find all these parts in one central location?  Our services include; rebuilding engines, transmissions, differentials, superchargers, carburetors, fuel pumps, electrical parts, water pumps, chassis, and about anything else that you can ship. 


Cords with their shifting switches are known for their inconsistent performances. Cords are wonderful cars but, if they will not shift, they are not worth much.  The same goes for front wheel shimmy, our restorations do not shimmy.  When we rebuild a transmission, they do not jump out of gear nor sound like you are grinding corn. 


Not to brag, but we have restored more than our share of 1936 and 1937 Cords, many 1928 to 1936 Auburns, and we have done quite a few L-29 Cords.  We have even built complete cars.  Our restorations are all done to high point original status as our growing list of winners show.  A supercharged Custom Beverly won Senior Emeritus and the Gordon Buehrig for Best Cord after being restored 16 years.  This also shows the dedication and care of a loyal owner.  We have serviced an Auburn V-12 that has been driven on many successful tours. 


Restored Auburns and Cords are a part of our National Automotive Historic Treasure.  These special classics were built ahead of their time.  Auburns and Cords have a lifelike soul for inanimate objects.  They show their merit well.  We are proud of the workmanship that has gone into our parts and services for over 45 years. 


The best people in the world are our customers.




Stan & Carol Gilliland

Auburn/Cord Parts Inc.